Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A little help for someone who is Technologically Impaired...?

I am a Luddite when it comes to technology. Once I'm shown how to do something, I can follow the process of clicking a mouse and pressing buttons, but it's a little like a monkey mimicking behaviour, or a parrot repeating learned words - it doesn't actually mean anything in my technology-impervious brain.

My hotmail account was hacked last week, and despite repeated attempts to retrieve it, Microsoft are apparently unable to verify that I am me, so I've had to set up a whole new account. 

It's annoying - I had tons of work saved in my email folders, not all of which I have hard copies of (note to self: make hard copies!) but I've come to terms with the inconvenience.

I've amended all the websites and accounts I have - ebay, Amazon, iTunes etc - with my new email address, but I cannot figure out how to do it for my blog. Currently all my blog emails and comment notifications are being sent to the now-invalid account, so I can't access them, which is something of a pest when it comes to tracking comments and responding to people who have been nice enough to stop by.

In the grand scheme of things, it's a minor inconvenience...but if anyone could tell me how I change the email address my blog is registered to, I would be SUPER grateful.

(And apologies for the boring blog content! I have actually been writing up a storm today, so I will be posting an ACTUAL blog later tonight).

Hope you're all well, and technologically-competent xxx


  1. If you can still log into your blog (which since you're posting, I'm guessing you can!) then you need to add your new email address to your blog authors.

    To do so, click the little cog next to the clipboard on your blogger dashboard. You want to be in the "basic" page, which I think is the one it automatically opens to.

    Once there, look for "permissions" (I think it's the last option?) Then click "add authors" and type in your new email address. It will send an invitation to your new email. From there, follow the directions in the email to activate that new account.

    You'll want to make the new email an administrator. Lastly, you'll want to click on "posts and comments" and change the email address to your new one, that way all posts and comments will be sent to the one you can actually access. Do the same thing in the "mobile and email" page as well, and then you should be set!

  2. You, Queen V, are a bright and shining little star...problem solved! Even I managed it thanks to your instructions.

    Mwah xxx