Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Apologies for my extended absence...

...I have had a terrible virus I just could not seem to shake. I don't get sick very often, so when I do, it tends to blindside me a little. For the last fortnight, I have been all quakes and quivers, fevers, chills and sandpaper-throat, shivers and dizziness and sickness...but at last, I am feeling (tentatively) human again. And so I say hello, and apologies for my extended absence.

I have been checking in, if a bit listlessly, and will get around to commenting soon on the posts I have missed.

It's actually been quite lovely realising how much I have come to appreciate this blog-community in such a short time. And I missed it (and you all) very much.

I will do a proper catch-up post tomorrow - my Blogging for Wellbeing post is overdue, and I have a BEAUTIFUL god-daughter to introduce (the first of my very close friends had a baby girl last Wednesday, Evangeline Grace....and I am SMITTEN).

Hope you are all well, and I look forward to catching up super-soon xxx


  1. I love you <3
    I have not been around too much either and such and I miss you and I am sending all lots of love to help you get back on your feet.
    Be good to YOU <3

  2. Glad you are finally starting to feel better! Your absence has been noted, and I'm glad you're nearly human again :) I hate when summer colds knock me out! xoxo

  3. I hope you are feeling back to yourself soon. It's awful to be so sick and out of sorts!