Thursday, 14 June 2012

Word of the Day Challenge: Day Fourteen

For this post, I looked to my journals for inspiration. Particularly in these last few weeks, I have been trying to direct my entries more towards positivity instead of simply using my journal as a space in which to offload the emotions or concerns I don't like to share with others. Reflecting on an entry I have just written and then writing a little note based on my observations has been one way of creating a sort of distance from my immediate emotion - of observing what's really going on rather than just closing the pages after I've finished writing.

This is a note I wrote a few weeks ago when I had really started to focus on recovery and learning to like myself as a person.

How do you learn to love what you have loathed? The only way is to do it. The doing is the learning. The teaching is the lesson.

You think you don't like yourself, but you don't like what you think about yourself. There is a distance between the two as huge as the space between two stars.

'I love who I am'. Tell yourself this. Tell yourself often. All love starts small. Any love is enough.


  1. Such interesting thoughts... learning to love what once was loathed. Very loaded! Thanks for the thinking prompts. Off to ponder...

  2. I love the picture of the birds! There's a freedom in learning to love ourselves unconditionally I think. And it's one that leads to many other freedoms.
    Glad to have discovered your very thoughtful and inspiring blog!!