Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Word of the Day Challenge: Day Six

I like the word ‘warrior’. For me, it has a different connotation than the word ‘fighter’. ‘’Fighter’ sounds spontaneous and aggressive. ‘Warrior’ sounds honourable – someone who is in it for the long haul and the right reasons.

Everyone’s definition of a warrior will be different, depending on their own personal values and what they think is worth fighting for. For me, a warrior is someone who is engaged and passionate. Someone who respects different opinions but stands up for the things she believes in, and for people who can’t stand up for themselves. For me, a warrior is someone who gets back up no matter how many times she is knocked down. Someone who actively fights temptation and her own weaknesses, who strives to be the best person she can be, even though it might mean making the more difficult choice.

A warrior is someone who can offer support, and who has the strength and courage to ask for support herself. She is someone who values loyalty and integrity. A warrior can be a schoolgirl or a granny, an activist or a physicist. A warrior can be someone with strong morals or someone who struggles to make the right choice. I can be a warrior. You can be a warrior. We just need to know what we stand for, and stand for it, who we want to be, and be it.

A warrior will make mistakes. She will give in to temptations, she will stray from the right path. This doesn’t make her less of a warrior. It makes her more of a human.

A warrior will always try to find her way back to the path. A great one will take others along for the journey.


  1. First I want to say how beautiful your blog is and we clearly have a shared love of all things floral and Paris :)
    It has also been pretty awesome to see you be part of this challenge and I look forward to more :) <3

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely comment - I think you may have already guessed that I love your blog (and yesyesyes to all things pink and floral and Parisian!)